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Re: NAEA Workshops - reply to Maggie's post

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croberts (b2w6w4kn)
Mon, 5 Apr 1999 09:35:24 -0400

>I've been interested in the comments regarding the ticketed Hands-On
>Workshops at the conference. Having taken many, and presented two, and
>planning to offer one next year, I have a lot of concerns about the
>quality of them.

Maggie, et al
This was my second national and I feel very lucky in my selection of "paid
workshops". Both years, the paid workshops were good with the exception of
one technology workshop this year in DC. To begin with, one of the
presenter's had a "bad attitude" when we walked in the door and it did not
improve as the workshop began. I quickly realized the quality of the
workshop was "low" and I "ducked out" and went to the Getty reception...was
certainly glad I did.

>Some of you may not be aware of how the presenters are funded. The
>presenter has a $200 budget. This pays for supplies, photocopying, and
>also shipping expenses to send two boxes to the conference site ahead of
>time (what a blessing, not having to lug that stuff ourselves!). Neither
>time did I use the whole $200; there comes a point where you have to
>figure two people will have to share a box of markers, rather than
>blowing a lot on markers for everyone and scrimping on something else.

Thanks for sharing this information. I have had questions about how this is

>I was in the same workshop as Sidnie where a few people who did not have
>tickets paid the presenter. This raises some ethical questions.

This is a problem that I think needs to be dealt with by NAEA. If I am
unable to get in a "paid workshop" at the time of registration, I assume
that I will be unable to attend and it certainly is not ethical for the
presenter then to allow others in...whether they pay or not...unless they
are going to let ALL in (at least to observe).

>Personally, I don't mind giving away an extra handout, but I can't in
>good concience allow someone who hasn't paid to use the supplies.

I agree with you on this point.

Overall, I enjoyed the paid and unpaid workshops, and as I said, I only
walked out of one (paid). Putting "faces with names" was probably the best
part of the conference for me. The vendors are "great" for putting up with
the "chaoticness" of the first day opening...however, I enjoyed going back
during "off times" when it was not so busy so that I had a chance to really
look at and try out some of the new and different products. I have already
put some of the "new ideas" into practice with my classes.

I'm already looking forward to LA next spring...and maybe NYC the next year.

Thank goodness for "spring break" right now...this will give me time to go
through all of the handouts I brought back and get them organized for future

Carolyn Roberts
Frink Middle School
Kinston NC

..and I look forward to LA next spring....and maybe NYC the NEXT year....