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Lighthouses and Nat'l

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Judy Grochowski (jfgro)
Fri, 2 Apr 1999 11:02:47 -0600

Hi-sorry if this becomes a 'double post', but I sent it yesterday and
haven't seen it come thru. Jude

Date: Thu, 01 Apr 1999 17:17:41
>To: Getty
>From: Judy Grochowski <jfgro>
>Subject: Lighthouses and Nat'l
>Hi all,
> I'm gonna toss in some more thoughts on 2 of the 4 Nat'l workshops
for which I paid extra.
>Colorizing Black and White Photography as the workshop I most looked
forward to-having taken on teaching photography this year. I was pleased
with it; the presenter frustrated some of the participants, due in part, I
think to her wanting people to get hands on and work thru the processes. She
would start to say something and get sidetracked-heck, there were several of
us there-and I'm not sure she'd ever worked with a group that large
before-but who among us hasn't gotten distracted when talking to a large
class of students clamoring to interrupt in their own enthusiasm to get
started? If you had a question, one-on-one with her, she was great and she
had prepared little packets of materials for us to use and I didn't want to
leave! I came out of there totally excited about this new learning and
carried it back to my classes-that's what it's supposed to be about, right?
at least in part?
> The other, which I really looked forward to, was the glass bead
making. And now I know how a glass bead is made. The 2 presenters walked
everyone thru the process-well, not everyone-if one was intimidated by the
flame, etc, they could pass, and actually, they ran out of time, so the main
presenter promised to have 4 people who couldn't get to it that night come
by the vendor booth the next day for a lesson (was anyone else freaked about
about the torch in that crowded hall?). What bothered me, was that we were
told the beads had to cool, and we could stop by the booth to pick ours up
the next day. When I told him I wouldn't be there the next day but could
stop the following day, I detected a 'tude' in his voice as he informed me,
"well, we're not gonna keep track of these...." and indeed, when I did stop
at the booth 2 days later, my bead was gone. I got another bead....but he
pretty much blew me off when I stopped at the booth, because he was real
busy trying to demo making a bead and having someone else sit down to try
their hand at it. It was only when I asked his assistant, that I even got
the other bead. No, I'm not this anal over getting a bead, exactly; it's
just that I did pay extra to be in a workshop, and true, I did learn some
techniques, and walked out with a booklet on the processes, I just didn't
feel like this was worth my time, and couldn't rec. for anyone else.
> In the photo workshop, the presenter had people come in and try to
pay, but as she had packets made up, she stuck to the original registration.
I wouldn't have any problem with folks who missed registering in time
sitting in, if there's room, to observe; I think those who registered should
be the only participants.
> I also want to add my thanks to the Getty for they support thru
this listserv and the nice reception!
> And thanks everyone for the lighthouse suggestions! I'll let
youknow how it works out!
>Judy Grochowski
>Greenfield High
>Greenfield Wisc