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NAEA-suggestion for future?

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river002 ("river002")
Thu, 01 Apr 1999 21:47:54 -0500

Although this past glorious conference was my first national art ed.
conference, I have attended the National Science Teacher Association
Conference as a presenter and visitor. At that conference I noticed the
extreme organization and accommodations the organizers made for visiting
conference attendees.

The organization accommodated for the enormous amounts of "stuff" which
we had garnered from vendors in a very unique manner. One large booth
was the mailing booth...for a VERY small fee a person could bring tote
bags, stash them on a shelf and go gather more (sort of like a coat check).
At the end of one's gathering, one could pack the goods in a box, label
said box(es), put posters in mail tubes, label those, pay mailing costs and
VOILA! everything goes home to its person. Best of all, that person has
nothing but the luggage one arrived with.

Perhaps even more wonderful than the mailing booth was the shuttle that ran
daily from the hotel to the exhibitors' hall and workshops which were not at
the hotel but at the exhibitors' hall. There was no fee for use of the
shuttle--but the registration fee was a tad higher and there were SEVERAL
thousands more attendees. Again, the conference was very well planned!!

Maybe I should suggest the mailing booth to the NAEA, what do you think?
The shuttle might be an exorbitant expense.....dependent upon the location
of the hotel and the rest of the conference, etc.

As to the DC conference, I returned home in a delirious state of brain
whiplash....talking, sharing, networking, learning, and listening.
Although I was delinquent in sending requests for paid workshops, the
regular ones were quite delightful and worth the sit! Well, I will digress
and admit to one that was great, but I felt as tho I was sitting in an
igloo (lips were blue). And there was one other which proved to be...
shall we say, less than interesting but more than boring? Sometimes one
cannot sit thru one more reading of a dissertation, can one Reatha???!!

And I agree wholeheartedly with the advantage of visiting the museums and
meeting new friends. Those of you at the Judy Breakfast: I was thrilled
to meet all of you and was inspired to lose my trepidations and go for the
gold--hence, joining the gettytalk. I am a closet writer and will control
my lengthiness in the future. Adieu, SandraHardee.