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Re: book on great masters

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susan reynolds (reynolds)
Thu, 30 Apr 1998 18:21:24 -0400

I have techniques of the great masters, and it is one of the most used
reference books in this studio. Nudity? ok there is nudity. and will
we have to put disclaimer everywhere?

I was almost taken out of a show at major university in the south that
"small children" were going to see because their annual christmas play,
which they were bussed to from all the local elem. schools, was in same

the end?

disclaimer is now on outside of university gallery and palm tree was
placed in front of my nude.

Yes, I believe disclaimers are the way of the future. The major
complaints came from all the mothers, and the elementary teachers. The
nude was a 4 x 8 foot panel in a screen that was 16 feet x 8 feet, 4
panels. Each on had male nude, only one was frontal. The University
stood their ground, the chair of the art department backed me right to
the end. But the disclaimer stood and the palm tree was placed.

susan reynolds

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