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Re: Student teaching mini lesson

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Mike Delaney (edelaney)
Wed, 29 Apr 1998 23:35:28 -0500

what I think woul be good would for her to teach the lesson with the
different intellihgences. Like: Play classical muasic quietly. Have them
close their eyes and visualize what ashe is telling them. I narrate a
story about the elements of design. I do this with high school students
and they really remember even weeks by associatiing. An example
Teacher: I am goiing to play some quiet music and tell you a story. I
want you to relax, close your eyes and concentrate on the story. Try to
see in your mind as i am talking. we are going to go on a walk. I want
you to visualize yourself getting out of your chair and walking to the
classroom doorr. We are going to go outside and look for some interesting
elements of design. As we exit the building we are going to begin walking
on the sidewal toward Vovational school. As we are walking you look
areound you and you notice the building. It is three dimensional. You
look at the building as you are getting closer and you say to yourself, wow
this is a form. I know this because it has thre dimensions. You say the
words, height and you look to see hiow tall the building is, you then say
width and notice how wide the buiklding is as you say depth to yourself you
notice the building's depth as you walk by it. You continur your walk and
you get to a hill. You are thinking I wonder what is on the other side/
as you near the top you begin to look at the sky. What a bpretty blue, it
is o ccol.. Then you remember that cool colors are associated with the sky
and water. Yah Color that is an element of design. water, wow you then
see it it is the ocean, right here in Indiana. You see all the colors in
the ocean. You see dark blue, medium, blue, and then you think that you
are looking at various shades of blue, Yes Value, you are looking at
different values of the color blue. You then remember Mrs. _____ talking
about value being an element of design. ........
Continue this story with the elements. I had them take off their shoes
and walk on the beach. they were to feel the sand , grainy, etc with their
feet . They pick up a shell and notice-shape. The shell is flat, they
then compare the smooth shell with the texture of the sand. --Look at the
ocean, waves and watch the lines and the ripples of the sand as the water
washes away the sand. The walk by a hole in the sand- space You get the

after the lesson. wake up. stand up, stretch. recall allthe elements. I
pass a kush ball to each who want to answer. No one else talks.

For Principles you could have them do a kinetic type something. They are
to balance like symmetrical. then stand assymetrical. , radial- arms out.
You will be amazed what they will remember when they have to walk through.

Since this multiple intelligences is popular now this should appeal to
those interveiwing. What do you think?

Oh how about proportion" Pass out candy in different sizes, or variety?
just thinking fast.

enola from Indiana

> From: Mcracker <Mcracker>
> To:
> Subject: Student teaching mini lesson
> Date: Wednesday, April 29, 1998 7:54 PM
> Hello!
> My former student teacher (who is dynamite in the classroom) just called
me to
> ask for help. She has an interview next week and has to teach a 20 min.
> lesson to a panel of teachers and administrators with the following
> The students will be able to demonstrate awareness and understanding ogf
> elements and principles of design. Sounds pretty deadly to me, but after
> day today, I'm pretty brain dead. Any creative suggestions? Any
> with this type of interview? Guess I haven't interviewed for a job in
> twenty years......
> Thanks,
> Marcia