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..... (kenney5)
Sun, 26 Apr 1998 10:24:29 +0000

> At 12:51 PM 4/25/98 -0700, you wrote:
> >Do other art teachers out there have to fight for equality each year
> >when scheduling comes around????? Isnt there any standards that state
> >how may students can be in the art room at once? (my school is talking
> >about doubling the kindergarten classes for art and music, 45 kids and
> >they will generously give us a para for that 30 mins...) I absolutely
> >LOVE teaching art but with all this crap year after year Im about ready
> >to say forget it!!!! We have over 1000 kids, and have tracks so that
> >luckily Im not teaching 1000 kids each week, just 850 or so! but I cant
> >do any more!!! I already have 7 classes a day!! elementary, 30min for
> >kin, 45 mins for the rest. Next year we are adding at least 4 maybe 5
> >more units!!! HELP!! I need some standards to slow this psyco people
> >down before a break! They dont want to go to 6 day rotation because "
> >The classroom teachers wont remember when they have their art and
> >music." thats the excuse they gave me!
> >ANY ideas at ALL, PLease Help!!!
> >Sherry
> >

Dear Sherry,
In response to your "are there any art teachers out there".......YES (I
know it doesn't make it better).
From my having been in your shoes, I believe the parents are your
allies. If you are in a private school setting; the standards that
accrediate the school might be the place to look.Don't say forget it! As
you know, the classroom teachers get scheduling appointments first,
sooooooooooooo be there 1st and be there for the good of the children.
Plan 6 day rotation, and promise you'll HELP the classroom teachers
remember when art and music are.
Plan to have the same media all week. Plan to have same grade levels
back to back. Side with the music and PE staff so that they know the
scheduling problems you have. Best of luck and kick b for art.