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[Fwd: folding, Eskimo Pies, and Frank Sinatra!]

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anne roberts (aroberts)
Sun, 26 Apr 1998 12:50:51 -0400

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From: Tricia Tait <tait>
Subject: folding, Eskimo Pies, and Frank Sinatra!
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Since hearing that Frank Sinatra supposedly eats 14 Eskimo Pies a day-
I've had this strange craving for those pies, too. Needless to say after
searching out 8 different stores in my area, there isn't a single one to
be found (except for sugarless- which doesn't count). Anyway, I went to
the Eskimo Pie web page to send a complaint. To my surprise I found a
link of theirs to "Cooltivities" which has 3 fun games involving
origami. One has gobbling creatures folded from the wrappers and the
others have a football and a pog folded from the boxes. The html is: just try finding a box of 'em!
(possible ploy of the Eskimo Pie Co. or Dairy Council)

Have fun!
Tricia Tait