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Lesson Plans

Re: scheduling

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Cheryl Lane (lane_c)
Sun, 26 Apr 1998 11:18:32 -0700

jeryl Hollingsworth wrote:
> Hi!
> What state do you teach in? Here in S.C. we do have state
> standards about how many kids can be in a class but they may try to get
> around it in special areas. I teach part time at a rather small (brand
> new building this year) My schedule is
> Mon. 11:50 -12:35 2nd grade (its my half day-I come in at 11:30)
> 12:40- 1:25 3rd grade
> 1:30 - 2:00 kdg (aid stays if I ask)
> Tues and Wed are the same
> planning before classes start
> 8:40-9:25 5th
> 9:30-10:15 4th
> 10:20 -11:05 3rd
> 11:05-11:50 lunch
> 11:50-12:35 2nd
> 12:40-1:25 1st
> 1:25- 2:10 1st
> So I get all the classes done in 2 1/2 days except I don't do the half
> days kdg because it wouldn't fit in my schedule. Next year we are
> adding 3 units to the school so the principal already told me I'll be 3
> full days. (I used to be only two full days-we just added the half day
> this year) My principal is very supportive of our special area teacher
> - music has the same schedule. One thing that helps us is that while we
> have the students it is the teachers planning time and if they cut our
> time they would cut their planning time . Although 3 years ago I was
> only teaching 5 classes a day at 50 min. I hope they never get the idea
> of putting two kdgs together (at my school)-how would you fit them in a
> room? Can you check on your state standards? Do you have any support
> with parents?
> Jeryl in S.C.

I teach in FL. Ive been mentioning to the kindergarten parents who come
it and help (if they show up, parents are a great help, but cant always
depend on them to be there. ) "Do you think 2 kindergarten classes in
here would work?" and all responsives have been shocked and saying no
way. but I dont know if they'll enlighten the principal or not... Im
fairly new at this school and am not sure of my boundries. I go to
monthly art teacher meetings but again no one has FACTS stating that 45
kids in art for 30 mins shouldnt be. I dont have enough table space and
not even sure I have enough supplies (sissors, paint brushes) and I
refuse to give them a color sheet and watch a video!!!!! It hasnt
happened yet but I dont want it to happen, thats why I looking for
documentation stating "Hey you cant do this".