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Re: Just "hello!!!"

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Adriana Portella (
Fri, 24 Apr 1998 22:41:50 -0300

Hello, Maggie and friends!!!

Young ideas... That's what we see when we arrive quietly where there are so
many people discussing a lot and for many time...

About our way of guiding art projects, I feeel myself happy on sharing it
with you.
First of all, imagining that many people think that Brazil means only
Carnival and indians, I would like to present you an important artist:
Candido Portinari.
A few of his work can be found, in English Version at

After that, I am pleased to tell you that our culture, originated from
Portugueses, Indians and Black Slaves fom Africa is rich and full of
oportunities and possibilities.
It is inside our art work besides the biggest names of universal arts.

Art-Education here has some difficulties. Only because Art and Education
have particular problems too. The lack of tools and materials is something
very bad, recquiring us a big amount of creativity to use other materials,
trying to make it happen.

It's a long discussion and, depending on your interest, I can bring more
details about that.

I would like to tell you that we, from Rio de Janeiro are very happy because
"Dali", his moustache and his wonderful work are here with us. A fantastic
exibition at our main Museum brings Surrealism to our eyes. Sculptures,
paintings, clothes and Dali's life very near. It is a big event in our city.
Last month we had Camille Claudel.
Last year we had Monet and his waterlilies.
In 96 we had Rodin.

Welll... Long e-mails are not polite...
I hope you'll not get angry with me...
Maybe it's because I have a lot to say... And I hope you are interested on
"hearing" it all...

Uma beijoca (A small kiss)

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Data: Sexta-feira, 24 de Abril de 1998 01:51
Assunto: Re: Just "hello!!!"

>Adriana Portella wrote:
>> Hello, people from Artsednet!!!
>> I am Adriana Portella, art-educator from Brazil.
>Saudac~oes, Adriana! (Sorry, can't the tilde over the c)
>Welcome to Artsednet. I'm sure we all look forward to hearing your
>"young" ideas; please don't hesitate to post them here. It's always
>interesting to compare art education practices in other countries.