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rectangular prisms

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Barry Teghtmeyer (
Fri, 24 Apr 1998 10:35:59 -0500

I had a request to be more specific about how to make rectangular and triangular prisms (RE:art and Geometry). I will try my best to explain--It would be nice however to
be able to give you a visual demonstration for those of us that are visual/spatial learners...
Starting with a 9"x12" piece of construction paper fold a small glue flap on one side. If you choose the 12" side you will end up with a longer prism...either side will work. Then continue by folding the paper in half making sure that the fold is going the same direction as the glue flap that you just folded. Create a double--door fold by taking the ends of the paper and having them meet at the center fold.

Be sure that you are creasing several times each time you fold so that the edges will be crisp and not bumpy.

You should be able to fold the prism up at this time with only the ends missing. Look at the space that is on the ends. This will allow you to estimate the size of fold you will need in the next step.

Turn you paper so that all the folds that you have made so far are horizontal. Make 2 vertical at each end, the width of the sides that you noticed in the previous step. Again, make sure that you crease.

You are now ready to cut. When you made the vertical folds, it created rectangles on the ends of the paper. Take your scissors and cut on the horizontal lines the folds created and stop when you get to the vertical lines the fold created. This also includes the horizontal lines by the glue flap. There are 2 small rectangles created by the folds in the glue flap. You will need to cut those completely off so the only thing left is a glue flap the width of the rectangular prism.

Fold the prism up to make sure that all of the cuts and folds are in the right place. Place a thin line of glue on the glue flap and place the glue flap on the inside of the prism. Hold together so that the glue will stick. Fold the side pieces in one at a time and glue where appropriate.

For a triangular prism the directions are the same except that there is NO glue flap. The fourth rectangle serves as the glue flap. You will need to cut off the 2 squares on the ends of the fourth rectangle so that the glue flap stands alone, just like in the rectangular prism. When gluing the ends together, you will cut 2 of the squares into triangles so that they will fit into the end. The third square you will glue down then cut into a triangle.

I hope that this was helpful to those of you that requested more information. Varying the size of the paper that you begin with really adds interest to the sculptures.

Barry from K.C.