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Thanks for supporting messages from Art Educators

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sunnyfield (sunnyfield)
Thu, 23 Apr 1998 02:03:37 -0700

Dear Jamie:

Thank you very much for your supporting message. I almost gave up, because I
was busy with answering questions. Some people asked me how to Make or
Improve Creativities through interpreting art and spiritual discipline. We
also talked about how crazy people believe "drugs" would increase artists'
creativities. I believe there are several types of resources that would
generate creativity, such as talent, gifts, training, discipline, meditaion,
experiences, reading, practice or even learning something from mistakes etc.

As to taking drugs to increase creativity, I think it is only a fake
illusion. We might get ideas from taking drugs, but later, I think we will
pay High price for the evil resource.
I taught creative meditaion for the people who took drugs before. We also
leaned something from our mistakes or even our enemies.

I got a lot of sipritual discipline. The reason is most people do not trust
art or interpreting artwork by a positive way. The result is that it makes
most real, gifted, talented artists have more difficult lives. Usually, they
got rich when they are dead.
We may make art lesson as the type of discipline for improving
spiritualities. The result might as functional as some religious beliefs do.
If you have not browse my web side yet, please visit my office at: I do need positive support like
you offered. Thanks! Shiny

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>Shinny, don't leave. Seems we have a trouble maker amoung us. Level
>people need to stick together to fight ignorance, arrogance, and just plain
>Steps are being taking to rid this community of this undesirable entity,
>Hang in there!