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Re: The changed conversation on this list

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Rosa Juliusdottir (rojul)
Wed, 22 Apr 1998 19:23:19 -0500

No, I donīt thing we have to turn away if we are insulted. I certainly
think one must stand up and defend things like sexist, bigoted and
anti-semitic remarks. I just feel that it should be done in a civilized
manner, because if a remark hurts you I donīt think you necessarily feel
better by hurting back but, maybe it is better to try to make the other
person see how wrong they are.

>When people try to ruin a good thing, and write nasties --are we supposed to
>turn away?
>It's insulting to be lectured as to how to behave. If someone says something
>ignorant, sexist, bigoted, anti-semitic--you better believe, I'm going to
>react--even if it's artsednet. They are all kinds of nuts that say stupid
>things. We like to think that everyone is polite, especially us art lovers,
>however, there are all kinds out there in cyberspace, and we 've got to deal
>with it the best way we know how.
Yes maybe looking back to what was is not right either but we can and I
believe always will be able to learn someting from the past so why not look
to the good things that have been and try to hold on to some of that.
By saying, "things aren't used to be the
>way they used to be....-'"-o.k. snap out of it and do something about it.
I guess I am really a very lucky person because I feel strongly that there
are no "jurks" in my school, I like some people there more than others but
we do try hard to respect each other and the different likings and feelings
we all have and you know what we have a really harmonious athmosphere in my
>Aren't there jerks in your school? What can you do? You can't fight with
>Everybody, but you don't have to take this garbage either.
I do not feel like taking any garbage either but still believe I can handle
it without trying to throw garbage back . Maybe I am just an old pacifist
and prefer discussing instead of throwing stones.
Warm regards from the far north, Rosa