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An apology to Sunnyfield

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Maahmaah (Maahmaah)
Wed, 22 Apr 1998 11:39:32 EDT

Dear Shiny,

I am very sorry if I hurt your feelings. That certainly was not my intent.
Here is some info for you on how damaging downloading something onto your
harddrive can be. (Taken from a previous post.)

<<I personally do not download things through e-mail unless I know the exact
source, AND the exact source that that source got it from, what kind of file
it is, etc.--kinda like sex--you need to protect yourself if you want to
experiment with multiple partners. If you don't then you are putting your
life (or computer) at risk.>>

I know there are hundreds of people on this list who would love to help you in
your search. Maybe some of them already have and have even downloaded your
attachment. I however won't because it really is a dangerous practice. I
know some loony ADULTS who have created computer virus. I paid way too much
money and spent way too much time customizing my computer to have it crash
because I was careless and downloaded one of these bugs from an unknown
source. My message in regard to your attachment was short and to the point
because this topic has been talked about at length and I was getting tired of
it. It was not directed AT you.

Please accept my sincere apologies for the miscommunication. And also I
invite you to stick around and join in the discussions. All voices are
welcome and eagerly awaited. Even yours! : )


P.S. Please don't take offense at "Even yours!" It was said tongue in
cheek--with good humor--it was a joke--you're suppose to smile.......etc.,
etc., etc.