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Re: Supprised and Dispointed for the Angry and Impolite Messages from Art E...

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Maahmaah (Maahmaah)
Wed, 22 Apr 1998 11:21:34 EDT

In a message dated 98-04-22 01:22:59 EDT, sunnyfield writes:

<< Enclosure is a original message from a person named Maahmaah Lee, whose
email address is Maahmaah<Maahmaah > I really Do Not like the way
he or she is doing. Because the person said " There is no way, I will
download something like this. " If he is not qualified for Art Critc, he
should not make such impolite and stupid reply. Do you agree? >>

Excuse me, but you TOTALLY misunderstood what I wrote. I don't care WHAT
anyone's credentials are on this list--I love to hear (read) all points of
view and encourage all to have their voice heard. MY post was aimed at
downloading programs from unknown sources. Have you not been following the
discussion on computer viruses? If you missed it go back through the archives
and dig it up. Please don't put words in my mouth again. Talk about not
being polite!