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RE: geometry

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Sears, Ellen (
Wed, 22 Apr 1998 10:41:36 -0400

I don't know what grade level etc... but here are some ideas:
Tessellations, transformations and quilt patterns (translations,
rotations and reflections - slides, flips and mirrors) - somewhere a few
years ago I thought I posted something on 'birthday quilts' - lots of
transformation content.

Geometric solids into functional boxes. We created the paper to cover
mat board scraps (regular polygons), create boxes - watch for creative
openings, hinges and closures

Use of golden ratio, Fibonacci (sp) series, and Pascals tirangle to
create artwork to go with/based on them.

Fractals - Serpenski's triangle, Kochs snowflake...

Look at the Platonic solids and the duals, create a sculpture

Bubble wands - wire and beads - changing the regular polygon/geometric
solid used for the 'bubble blower' will create differnt bubbles -
surface tension etc...

Pyramid boxes - choose a regular polygon for the base, use triangles for
the sides (long or short - part of the planning) - attach a thin ribbon
to the point of the triangle opposite the base. (I use scrape mat board
again - covered with paper - split the point to insert ribbon - secure
with a dot of glue) pull all of the ribbons together and secure with a
bead. (When the box is open it lays flat and looks like a sunburst.
Anything can be done to decorate - portrait on the inside - outside
decorated with 'things about me' - theme work - designs....)

Color studies done on nets (Nets are the flat patterns for boxes - just
a math term) for boxes, fold into boxes, use to create a group

Got more - let me know if you want it -

find the 'hidden' shapes in artwork -especially Rennaisance (sp) -
compostition based on geometric shapes - use tracing paper or acetate to
trace shapes - create a new work based on the shapes/position found..


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> hello, I am looking for some practicle lessonplans incorporating
> geometry and art. Does any one have a suggestion?