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Re: Moderator

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Nancy Walkup (Walkup.EDU)
Wed, 22 Apr 1998 09:05:24 -0500

Dear ArtsEdNetters:

In the interest of civility, I feel compelled to remind you that there
is continuing access to your posts on the Internet (doesn't the grand
jury want copies of Monica's email now?). Your messages do not just
disappear into cyberspace. Many times I have come across ArtsEdNet
posts when searching for a particular topic. ArtsEdNet also archives

Another thought to consider is that there are over 900 subscribers to
ArtsEdNet who read what you post. Professionalism, politeness, and
respect should not disappear just because we're in cyberspace and not

The most efficient way to deal with email you don't want is to just
delete it, even without reading it (this is one reason "subjects" are
important). Replying to angry or rude comments only feeds the fire.


Nancy Walkup

>>> John & Sandra Barrick <astroboy> 04/21 6:26 PM >>>
Okay group we have a problem here. I am all for free speech but maybe
the person in charge of this list can help. I believe when someone has
gone Rabid he needs to be put out of his misery. My husband suggested
this because on the lists he's apart of they usually have one. A
who will talk to someone who has crossed the line and warn them they
will be cut from the list if they don't shape up.

Why be apart of this list to be abused by an adolescent?

I'm not quitting so I hope all of you stay too,but I have noticed in
last few days people who are dropping. Let's not forget what this list
is for. What Getty has offered us. I think the educated people of this
list whether self educated or with a degree have every right to talk
about whatever link they see fit. I'm sure I'll be talking to them
I hope you also will send your concerns.
There is no room for abusive language or humiliation on this list.
You can disagree with respect.
I understand most of you disagreed with me about critiquing kids work
and I didn't bight your heads off(I still simply disagree).
(oh and I'm right too. HA HA!)
Remember what has gone wrong with modern times,try to be civil even if
you disagree. Become more tolerant of others.
More accepting of change and more accepting of other cultures.
Try to be the best example you can be and treat people how you want to
be treated.

Sandra S-Barrick