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RE: Negative Messages

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Fields, Linda (
Wed, 22 Apr 1998 09:22:18 -0400

I completely agree. Linda

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> Subject: Negative Messages
> I've been on ArtsEdNet since it began and have always been amazed at
> the
> various questions and responses and ideas that have flowed through
> cyberspace. I've become friends with colleagues I will probably never
> meet. I've mailed copies of my curriculum to total strangers, and
> received similar things from others. I've encouraged every Art
> educator
> I know to participate. I've required my student teachers to join in -
> to
> see what a benefit it can be to communicate with a world of art
> teachers. Now I sadly spend more time scanning messages I don't really
> want to read (I get the digest version - 15 or so messages all at
> once).
> Yes, we in America have the hard earned right of Freedom of
> Expression.
> But, as some others have mentioned, we also protect individual's
> rights.
> As I tell my high school students who sometimes let a foul word slip
> out, or who think it's cool to put marijuana leaf designs in their art
> -
> we are part of a school and we need to respect the rights of everyone
> who attends, especially the right to a safe and secure environment. I
> tell my students, that means we don't swear, we don't put offensive
> images or symbols in our artwork, we don't make art that promotes
> smoking or drugs or alcohol. Maybe I'm restricting their freedom of
> expression - I believe I'm protecting the rights of those who don't
> deserve to grow up with that kind of stuff around them. This listserv
> certainly started out that way. We had our differences and sometimes
> harsh comments came out, but for the most part it was all done with
> respect for each other. Perhaps we do need a moderator now. I'm
> offended
> at the X-rated sites I've been invited to look at. I'm disturbed by
> the
> rude comments to people who expressed their condolences for Linda
> McCartney. I miss some of the people who used to be regular
> contributors
> - maybe they too have been disgusted at how things have degerated. And
> one last thing, when people post messages that just blurt out - "could
> someone send me a good lesson about _____, I need it right away" -
> I'm
> sorry, but I picture some college student or first year teacher about
> to
> be observed! I agree with the people who stated ArtsEdNet should be a
> resource - but not just a quick answer service. So, let's see if we
> can
> drop all this negative stuff and get back to the joy of communicating
> with each other.
> --
> Sandra Hildreth
> C.L.A.S.S. (Cultural Literacy through Art & Social Studies)
> Art 7-12, Madrid-Waddington Central School, Madrid, NY 13660
> Art Methods, St. Lawrence University, Canton, NY 13617