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anne roberts (aroberts)
Tue, 21 Apr 1998 18:30:30 -0400

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Subject: Origami in Mad magazine, Guiseppe Baggi's sculptures
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Hi everyone.

Apologies for bothering you with this, but I'm not
a very skilled researcher, and haven''t managed
to track this down on the Internet, Web, or
in the newsgroup archive.

Guiseppe Baggi, who was a wiz at all kinds of
sculpture, did some money folds for Mad magazine.
Also some wire sculptures, and some sculptures
out of household tools and implements. They were
used as illustrations for subscription ads between
1963 and 1968, I think.

At first I thought the money folds were play money,
but I just got a chance to look at some of the ads,
and he seems to be using real, foreign, i.e.
non-USA, paper money.

Baggi also did at least two origami features for Mad
magazine. I think one was titled "Orgygami", but I
haven't been able to find my copy, so I don't even
know what issue it was in. The other was titled
"Mad Origami Zoo of Cliche Animals".

Here's what I can find of Baggi's stuff, right now.

# Month Yr pg type detail/notes
---- --------- ---- ---- -----------------------------------------------------

78      Apr     '63     3       GB WS           Blind Beggar

81 Sep '63 3 GB WS Golfer (uncredited) 5 O drawing, boat w/paperclip anchor chain

80 Jul '63 GB WS Bowler

93 Mar '65 GB TS Sewing Bug GB WS Jazz Band

95 Jun '95 3 GB TS Hair Care Monster

96 Jul '65 GB TS Gardening Tools Monster

97 Sep '65 GB TS Electrical Bug

98 Oct '65 GB TS Bolt & Wrench Monster

99 Dec '95 2 GB TS Office Supplies Monster

113 Sep '67 3 GB PMO Gorilla

114` Oct '67 GB PMO Hound

115 Dec '67 3 GB PMO Penguin

118 Apr '68 3 GB PMO Whale

120 Jul '68 2 GB PMO Turtle

10 Special '74 ? 36-38 GB O Mad Origami Zoo of Cliche Animals

I could swear I've seen a cat and a swan, too. I know I have more somewhere, but it's been some time since I've seen that stuff.

Anyone have a better list?

Aloha, kenny1414 (Kenneth M. Kawamura)