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Re: The passing of Linda Mc Cartney

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bob carl (bcarl28)
Tue, 21 Apr 1998 16:57:01 -0400

On Mon, 20 Apr 1998 21:16:52 -0400 John & Sandra Barrick
<astroboy> writes:
>I knew I could count on you to once again object to anyone voicing
>opinion on any subject other than what you believe should be talked
>about. Some of us on this list from time to time will talk about what
>want to talk about,we respect your negative comments so please respect
>us. This is not the first time you've objected to the topic and of
>course not the last. Why don't you delete if you see a topic you don't
>like. I named the topic for tht reason. Some people might consider
>Mc Cartney an Artist some not. She was among other things a
>Photographer. Many of the people on this list are women,Cancer may be
>concern. There are no rules that stipulate we have to talk about "ART"
>only. Nor is there a rule that says you have to approve of the topic.
>You seem to be a very negative person at least you display that with
>almost every post.
>This relates to Art:
> What age do you teach? What is your job?We know you are some
>sort of
>Doctorate student because you usually end your post that way,but how
>much experience have you had with people,children the real world? How
>old are you? What type of lessons do you prefer? Are you intolerant of
>Multiculturalism too? What type of supplies are you equiped with? What
>lessons have you contributed to the group? What teaching techniques
>you supplied?
>This relates to you:
> If we only direct our questioning to you then we will not
>learn much of
>Your intolerance brings out the worst in me. Please be more curtious
>the people in this group I am not the only person that you have been
>sharp tongued with.
>Kirby McDowell wrote:
>> what has this got to do with art education...
>> all we are saying is give art a chance....
>> all we are saying is keep off the net...
>> believe me I am sympathetic to anyone's death, but come on people!

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