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Re: Origami

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Heidi McElroy (hmcelroy)
Sun, 19 Apr 1998 10:49:08 -0400

Sandra ,
I just finished paper marbling with my art 3 and 4 class.
Students worked in teams mixing a set of colors using water and acrylic
paint, making their own combs, picks, and whisks (we cut up 2 old brooms
and made whisks using rubber bands or hemp). then they cut their own
paper...they used manila paper which did not require alum as a mordant.
On marbling day, we had a block scheduled class 2 hours and then
because a pecularity of testing, we had another 1 hour session the same
day. Students each had their own paper and marbling vat to use but they
shared supplies with their partners. i purchased marbling vats from a
catalog..maybe Nasco. We used liquid starch as a bath...this was expensive
about 1.50 per student...each needed a quart.
Students were required to produce a stone pattern and one other
pattern. I xeroxed directions for patterns. They loved it. No one
complained about making the equipment and now I have a supply for next
time. Some students even stayed for a total of 4 hours. When their
teachers saw their products they did not mind their missed class.
We covered the tables with newsprint , also made newsprint pathways
to and from the sinks...saved a lot of mess...easy cleanup.
We dried the papers on old aluminum screens. When they were throughly
dry...we put them under weights for a day or two. For weights we used
bricks wrapped in clean paper... also good for other uses...such as
bookbinding and mounting things.
Students were then required to make a finished product out of their
marbled paper. I got picture frames, puppets, covered boxes and book
covers. They used polymer medium to seal and protect the projects.
It was a good project...the key being a fairly small class about 15
and mature students.
Incidentally I saved the used starch hoping the sediment will
settle to the bottom and I can re-use it, Haven't looked at it yet.
Heidi McElroy