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Re: Need to find CorelDraw4 group license (fwd)

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Gina Booth (
Fri, 17 Apr 1998 07:19:44 -0500 (CDT)

Help! I know somewhere in my piles of junk I have info on an inexpensive
source for CorelDraw 4 computer program ordering info. I think it was
under $100 for it. This is a GROUP LICENSE I need, to hook up school
computer lab .

I have set aside money for last of year in my budget to get computer lab
hooked up with this program but now I can't find the ordering info. I
tried to call Corel and they said you have to find a local distributor
for group licenses. I live in a very rural area and no one is going to be
carrying any art programs for the computer, much less a group license.

I also tried doing it with one company where you could pay a fee per
computer but the computer teacher said unless I paid a fee for every single
computer (which was about $50 per computer) that we'd be using (we get to
use lab for only 2 or 3 weeks, one
period only) that if I only paid for a few computer that the whole class
couldn't be sharing the few computers. The company did not have GROUP
licenses. (I hate spending all this money for
such little time) But anyway, I enjoy the computer program and REALLY
want to teach it. (I even offered it as a course at the community
college a few years ago, and went through this whole group license problem
then too
without a solution, but only one or two people signed up, not enough to
justify following through on finding the group license anyway.)

Any ideas?

You all know what will happen to this money if I don't use it by end of May??
Horrors. (In other words, they don't carry it over, you loose it.)
I have been really wanting to do this with the students for several years
now but have no access to order the program. I would
be perfectly happy with verison 4 as it is old enough to be super cheap,
plus, it's the only one I know how to work (I bought it as a new, one
computer version five years ago).

Tip: I wish I had know that the group license for a school was just a bit
more than buying the single user version as that is what I wish I had
done the first time I ordered it. For five years I have
tried to teach it (in the corner, person by person) but it had been quite
a disruption and then I have to catch up the people who use it to catch
them up on their
regular work, and the kids have not been the tutors I thought they would.
I teach Art I, II and III all in same class each period (since I finally
had enought of the counselor putting kids straight in Art II and III with
no art one, the kids would just plan to skip it knowing they could pick
an advanced class and go on to the fun painting stuff, I told her I
would simply offer Art I every single period. So in other words it's
chaos all day every day with all sorts of levels and projects going on and
this just added
to the craziness of who was doing what. (My school is so small I do elem.
in the afternoons) But I do love to have kids learn Corel and will keep

Send help soon - SOMEONE!