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Re: Van Gogh Show/Popular culture

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John & Sandra Barrick (astroboy)
Thu, 16 Apr 1998 16:53:57 -0400

> I, for one, look forward to the opportunity to see a large body of van
> Gogh's work in one place. I can only hope that people who come to this show will walk away with a greater understanding/appreciation of the artist and his work. THis will, of course, depend in part on the way in which the show is presented to the public.
> We should look upon this as an opportunity to help educate our students(parents/colleagues/principals) about van Gogh, his life and his work. Perhaps we can stage our own "blockbuster" show of van Gogh's work in our schools or art rooms. Imagine having kids research his work and life, creating exhibition catalogs, hanging his work, creating tickets, acting as docents, etc., and then inviting in our communities for a "van Gogh" experience.
> Just a thought.
> Craig

I agree and don't think anyone is Dis'ng van Gogh. I like the idea of a
mini show. I know I've stated before that I use an Art Bulletin board.
Part has the news letter,part has the Artist or lesson and their are
some pictures or kids doing projects from class,also I try to keep up
with current art news articles. If you do van Gogh in school don't
forget to take pictures of event and then display for all to enjoy.

I also would like to see Americans as a culture appreciate Art more. I
know it's hard with Jobs,Kids,culture etc. I think we all try our best
but we should try harder. After all in Japan even their food is
presented beautifully.The decline of American civilization does seem to
coincide with everything creative taken out of schools. How are our kids
going to think creatively without it for them to see? How many kids go
home to houses which display some form of Art? Without it around them
will they become sedate with their surroundings? I could go on but you
know what I mean. I think the turn out at museums is great. I only wish
people would turn out for present day artists as well. That museums
would also push local,national living Artists on the public as much as
someone like van Gogh ,where most of the people have at least heard of
this character of great( Myth).I think people do crave and want
knowledge especially of Art their receptors are just a little numb. they
also might feel intimidated. Encourage all your students to go to local
Museums,Music fests,Theatres it's our responsibilities as Art Educators
to educate them and expose them to the Arts.