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Re: Pre-school art/ cognitive development?

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John & Sandra Barrick (astroboy)
Wed, 15 Apr 1998 23:52:51 -0400

I too have worked as preschool teacher and also taught Art to that age
group. If the exposure is of value my own son shows the signs of
cognitive growth. He is 7 now,and both my husband and I are artists. He
excels in Math,already doing simple multiplication. He's in first grade
because of ear problems he was 40% deaf and I used basic sign language
with him. He can now hear fine,since age 4. I let him mature at his own
rate never pushed art,but it was always around as music was also. He
painted circles till age 5 and now he draws Picasso profiles,intricite
detailed stories,He draws a picture within a picture within a picture.
He incorporates many techniques in his work which astounds me. The
language is amazing. He understands perspective and uses marks for
action as well.I don't mean to boast it's just impressive. He seems to
Excel in Math,Reading and comprehension. It's as if he has a balance
between the two sides of his brain. He understands animation and has
worked with high end computers doing Morphing. Flame/soft image. He
grasps concepts fast,yet I wouldn't call him gifted. He has just been
exposed to Art/Music and discipline at an early age.Now if he'd just
clean up his room. He's also a whiz at Math Blasters 6-9 and Jumpstart
Well I'm trying to encourage Art but I don't want him to burn out so I
better stop bragging.
Let me know what you find out. I also want to start a creative


Aashaa wrote:
> I'm a pre-school art teacher who is very interested in exploring this
> question:
> Does early exposure (pre-school) to quality art making experiences promote
> long term cognitive development? (Why should music get all the credit?)
> I am interested in locating research thats been done, (quantitative or
> qualitative) regarding the positive effects of visual art activites on pre-
> school children. I would appreciate any references that you may be able to
> refer me to.
> Thank you for your help. Kerry Paone