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Re: Van Gogh show and works in general.

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Maahmaah (Maahmaah)
Wed, 15 Apr 1998 18:46:00 EDT

In a message dated 98-04-15 17:17:57 EDT, you write:

<< I visited the Van Gogh (BTW-his surname rhymes with ock as in clock)
museum in Amsterdam last year and I can tell you it's no big deal. His
paintings were incredibly small and stuck behind a wall of glass so no
wackos could slash them, and with all the people showing up for the
show, rather than the art...I may have wished for Janson's History of
world Art to really contemplate the pics. So... be forewarned.... >>

What a shame you had that experience! I saw the Van Gogh show in NY--sometime
in 1985 or 86?. It was the biggest collection of his works up until that time
(or maybe ever?) and was shown simultaneously with Seargent. Nothing was
behind glass or inaccessible. Let me tell you--it was a life changing
experience! His paintings were (are) incredible. I wouldn't miss ANY show of
his if I can at all make it. A FANTASTIC memory I will cherish the rest of my

But I do know what you mean about paintings stuck behind glass, smaller than
you thought and roped off--just like the Mona Lisa. Big disappointment.
However--on the other hand you have the Night Watchmen which I thought was
maybe a 2' painting. I nearly fell over when I walked into the gallery and
found it took up half the wall. In most of Europe it seems art was very
accessible--especially in the little churches in Italy where you come face to
face with wonderful sculptures--noone there to say--"Hey, step away from the
artwork!" It's just an experience between you and the work of art. But our
world is changing. Art is not appreciated by as many maybe? Not as many can
find their connection to it? Something's going on. It's a real shame.