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Re: Messed up

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Wed, 15 Apr 1998 08:49:07 CDT

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> "What do I say to a kid who always says""I MESSED
> UP!" and wants new paper."
> One of the ways I handle it is to tell them that some of the best solutions have
> come from a mistake. I then walk away, keeping watch out of the corner of my eye.
> If they still cant handle their mistake after working with it a while, I give them
> another sheet of paper, sometimes there is no harm. Think of how frustrated you
> would be if you couldn't have another piece of paper once in a while. Of course
> you wouldn't want the student to always act on their first impulse and throw things
> away without trying to work with it.
> "Everyone is reacting from anger
> to more anger! Anyone have an idea as to what I should do for the next step? Should
> I see the principal?"
> I suggest you do this as a last resort. Someone before wrote that they send out
> a written policy on what they can borrow, and when they can borrow. Seeing a policy
> on paper makes a policy more set in stone for the faculty. Most should understand.
> If they don't, tell them to see the administrator. Beware, seeing a principal might
> result in people feeling like you stepped on their toes.
> Been there, and unfortunatly, done that.
> Ramona
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one of the things that i do in my class at the beginning of each
semester when i have new students, we talk about line and how
anything can be made from a line. a scribble marks on the board and
have the students look at the marks to see what they can make of
them. i do this several times so each student has a chance to use
his or her imagination. afterwards, i give each of my students a
sheet of paper and i scribble on the paper. they are to create
something from these marks. also, once they have their main figure
drawn i ask them to put the figure in some type of environment. i am
always amazed at what the students come up with. this helps later on
when they are working on other projects. if they mess up i tell them
to use it. if it is a line they do not want i tell them to redraw
the line they would like to have it then erase the unwanted line. if
they keep erasing before correcting or throwing away the paper, they
will not figure out what their original problem was, they'll continue
the same mistake. i try not to teach my students to draw picture
perfect. my motto is if you want it picture perfect, that's what
cameras are for. my first goal is to get them to be creative and not
depend on other pictures. i want it to come from the inside out.