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Re: weaving baskets?

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Heidi McElroy (hmcelroy)
Tue, 14 Apr 1998 08:39:05 -0400

this message is to Joy in the Carolinas...though I must have not read the
original message ...what you have is Core Material the basis for coil
basket is probably made of paper which is formed into rope held
together with a nylon covering.
Cut about a six foot length and put an acute angle cut on the one
end. this material is the basis for wrapping and connecting either yarn or
fabric strips. Use a double length on yarn on a tapestry tying knots (You are wrapping with the end of the yarn that is
opposite the needle). start by wrapping about 1 and a half to two inches
of the core material with the yarn . Then begin to coil the core material
that has been wrapped...similar to how a fiddlehead fern is coiled. You
will have an inner coil and an outer coil. use the needle end of the yarn
and continuing in the direction that you are wrapping...go in between the
inner and outer coil, around the inner or previous coil, back through the
middle space between the 2 coils and you have a connecting stitch called a
figure 8 .Now wrap 5 times on the coil on which you are working and then
connect to the previous coil by using the figure 8 connecting stitch. Look
in a craft book or your art textbook to show you the demonstation of what I
am telling you.
I teach coil basketry to all my art one's...nearly everyone loves
it. they make baskets, some with lids and some embellished with beads. A
local rug manufacturer gives me ends of rolls of rug yarn and students each
bring one skein of yarn so we get a nice variety of colors. It is a fairly
inexpensive and satisfying project. students learn a skill which they
might translate into a hobby...besides learning about color relationahips,
the importance of craftsmanship and all that other good art stuff. Hope
this helps. Heidi McElroy