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Stenger - Judith DiSalvo (jstenger)
Tue, 14 Apr 1998 08:00:42 -0400 (EDT)

I really am sorry and surprised the teachers are reacting so strongly.
Maybe they're feathers are ruffled because they are feeling guilty.
They'll get over it.
They should understand the limitations of the art budget, and you
shouldn't have to be in the position of protecting the supplies you need
to run your program. If your principal is supportive it will help, but you
to stand your ground--sweetly, of course. I've actually had to try to
remember who borrowed materials so I could teach a lesson. When I made
the general announcement that I would be unable to provide materials, a
few teachers were genuinely surprised. I guess the policy was different
in the schools they came from. Now each team or department orders from
the county warehouse. I still get "emergency" requests once in awhile,
but it isn't the problem it used to be.
How many times a year do we art teachers go to the art store and purchase
something--usually out of our personal finances--because we want the kids
to have a special lesson?
I've also stopped lending pencils to kids. They
have to borrow from a
friend or use a crayon. I know it sounds mean, but otherwise they start
depending on
you and figure its okay to be unprepared. Some teachers charge a quarter
for a pencil or take collateral, such as shoes or watches. Whataever
works! Best wishes
On Mon, 13 Apr 1998, BluesTruth wrote:

> The question of the day is : What do I say to a kid who always says""I MESSED
> UP!" and wants new paper. All of you in cyberspace artland-what do you do in
> that situation? Also, what about the student who always says: "I need a
> pencil!" And--
> another thing --remember I wrote all of you about the teachers who want to
> borow
> (and never bring back) art supplies or who demand art supplies immediately
> while I'm
> teaching another class? Well, a lot of you gave me some great advice as to
> what to do about that and you should see how Everyone is reacting from anger
> to more anger! Anyone have an idea as to what I should do for the next step?
> Should I see the principal? Thanks to All!!!