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Re-used Art Supplies/Teacher Exchange

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John & Sandra Barrick (astroboy)
Sun, 12 Apr 1998 17:27:03 -0400

Although I've worked in mainly small schools of just over a hundred and
seventy pupils(K-8th) max.,I think this would work for all. At the end
of the school year I collect all the brushes that they are throwing
away. i.e.-Cheap watercolor brushes. I soak these and use them for glue
brushes for the next year. I also go through recycling with the teachers
in a non threatening manor .It seems that although teachers are shown
how to manage the classroom they throw a lot of material away. I've
shown them how to look in there trash for valuable items they could
recycle. Containers,cups,plastic,cardboard,newspaper, even party ware.
It really does keep the cost down. On the subject of supplies. The
teachers had a fund to buy their supplies from. Since there was not a
formal art class there was not much of a fund. 250.00$ to pay for art
lit.(DBAE)30$ a box ,6 boxes a year. you can see I only had 70$ left for
supplies. I always put unused clean paint back into big Jars. I go
through teaching the kids how to take care of supplies in the beginning.
Remember Wash,Wash,Wash,Press,Press,Press. This is how we clean brushes.
At first of course they don't get water. They are responsible for
cleaning and maintaining the supplies.( I kept the best brushes for Art
Lit) The teachers were not allowed to use the supplies but we were
allowed to use school supplies.
When I here how much other school's have it does make me cringe a
little. Then I remember we don't have discipline problems,fear of
violence,overcrowding,or many other aspects of the public school system.
I think one way to make kids aware of how things are different is
through exchange. Do any of you Exchange Art teachers any time during
the year? It would be interesting to see what the other goes through and
to share with ideas and teaching styles not to mention what the kids are
like. If not exchange,Do any of you participate in a mural with another
school in a mutual place? Are there any times in the year where kids do
mix with other schools? I am speaking in Art terms.

All for now,

P.S. If you have read the letter you must have wanted to. So if you
didn't like the topic I don't want to hear you moan to me.You could have