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Re: Plaster mask project

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freckles spots (freckles_spot)
Wed, 08 Apr 1998 14:01:27 PDT

I have done the plaster masks for several years and have only had one
student freak out over it all. I do a demo first and then pair off the
students. I stress the importance of always talking to the person under
the mask. Tell them you are leaving them for a minute to go get paper
towels or what ever....make sure you always let them know. I also
circulate the room, laying my hands on their shoulders and talk to the
student....I ask them if they are ok.

The student with the mask is also given paper to write on in case they
have something to say.

Last spring I went to a workshop with Willa Shalit....Gene Shalit's
daughter. She does these masks and calls them Lifecastings. She did
not use vaseline, but uses Nivea cream. It was alot easier to clean off
the skin.
WHen the masks where done, she turned out the lights, and shined a light
into the concave part of the mask from the bottom. It was incredible
what happened. The face just popped out of the mask. You could see so
much expression.
Hope this helps.
>From Oklahoma, where El Nino is sweeping down the plains

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Date: Wed, 08 Apr 1998 06:31:22 -0500
To: DaynaB62 <DaynaB62>,
From: "Lauretta A. Hendricks-Backus" <>
Subject: Re: Plaster mask project

>Has anyone used the plaster-impregnated strips...... and can advise me
>the media?? I want to do a simple mask project with 6th graders. It
>a long-standing art tradition in my school to do this with 6th, so I
hate to
>disappoint. I've heard you can put vaseline on their faces,,, or
>(with holes cut for nose)... How long does this need to dry on their
>and how many layers are needed? I don't think I want to mache' over
>just paint. I have 90 students and 2 20- pound boxes of strips. Does
>sound like enough material???


Ugh! I did this just last month. I suggest you do a trial one on your
with a volunteer so you can work out any kinks. We vaseline
and bandannaed hair back and only covering eyes mouths and noses of
who could handle it. Even then I had one kid freak out who could not
the claustrophobia of it. You have to lay still for at least 20 min
they get hard enough to remove with out distorting the shape. Really
try a
prototype first it will illiminate any surprises.

retta hb

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