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Re: Plaster mask project

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Rosa Juliusdottir (rojul)
Wed, 8 Apr 1998 08:17:33 -0500

Hi Dayna. I have often used plaster strips for maskmaking with my students
both young and old. We either do this as a part of a study of some other
peopleīs art or in connection with a school play or such. And I think it is
important to study the history of masks (even briefly) to be able to
understand the reasons masks were/are used. Anyway here is how you do it.
The students have to put a good amount of vaseline on their faces and
especially well where their are any hairs; eyebrows, near the ears etc.
Also with a hairband or something like that pull their hair back from the
face. Before students start making masks on each other I usually demostrate
on one student. Everyone has allready cut little strips of plaster(the ones
I use come in rolls that are 8 sm. wide and several mtrs. long) about 8 x 2
or 3 sm. The student lies on two tables we put together,
and on the side of his had I put a tray with the plasterstrips and lukewarm
water then you wet the plasterstrip squeese out excess water and smooth it
out on students forhead and then continue til the face is covered. You need
at least three layers and even some more on the edge. When this is finished
I usually ask the student to move her face inside the mask to loosen it a
bit then wait a little while and you can take it off, carefully. Let it dry
for quite a while and then you can paint them also add on ears or
enlarge the nose or whatever your students want. As far as if "2 20- pound
boxes of strips" is enough I donīt know for mine like I said come in rolls
that are 8 sm. wide and probably 10 mtrs. long and one roll is enough for
two or three masks it depends on their size and if they have horns ears or
anything added.
Hope this helps some. Regards from the far north, Rosa

>Has anyone used the plaster-impregnated strips...... and can advise me about
>the media?? I want to do a simple mask project with 6th graders. It has been
>a long-standing art tradition in my school to do this with 6th, so I hate to
>disappoint. I've heard you can put vaseline on their faces,,, or plastic wrap
>(with holes cut for nose)... How long does this need to dry on their faces,
>and how many layers are needed? I don't think I want to mache' over it,,,,
>just paint. I have 90 students and 2 20- pound boxes of strips. Does this
>sound like enough material???