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Re: Re: lollipop trees

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Louise (
Tue, 7 Apr 1998 19:58:02 -0500

>From: Gail1611 <Gail1611>
>Date: Tue, 7 Apr 1998 19:45:46 EDT
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>Subject: Re: Re: lollipop trees
>Louis, We talk abpout the features of the face first. That there are 5 eyes
>across the face and measure with our fingers. We measure under the nose to
>the eyes and eyebrows to see where the ears are (use the withe to go across
>the face to the ears). We look at the shape of eyes(football) how the pupils
>of the eyes aren't all seen,eye brows, eyelashes and which way they go. Also
>the eyes in middle of face!! When we start to paint, we draw the eyes first
>and put their names on back of page and person their painting on front. We
>have set out a platte (paper plates of skin tones, blue, black, brown , red,
>yellow and white. I have them use small and large brushes. We start with eyes
>of our person across from us, then nose, the lips, ears. Then we take time to
>talk about hair and how much space it takes up inside the head ,not on top of
>it. After that we stop again and talk about necks and feel our own so they get
>the right proportion. I know I'm being very basic with this but what I'm
>trying to get across is to do the features first and chin and kneck at the
>very last moment. What a difference their paintings will take, We've also
>talked about Am.erican Painters in 18th century and how depending on their
>paymwnt ,they the artisit, would had fancy cloths, books, and backround. The
>kids love to ask each other how "fancy" a portrait they would like. And
>tempera paint seems to work the best. I do this project about now because
>they're finally ready for it. Good luck Gail