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Re: Web Page creation

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Lily/Clair Kerns (CWKerns)
Mon, 6 Apr 1998 07:03:47 -0500

>Now that I have been full of ideas from the convention, I would like to
>attempt creating a web page. I am unfamiliar with this area and need some
>What program do you find successful? easy?
>Does a person really need to learn HTML?
>What books or resources would you recommend?

My personal page (below) has a very elementary set of lessons for making a
web page that might help you get started. Making a simple web page is very
easy (making a complicated one can get--well, complicated) but you don't
have to know it all to get started <G>. There are lot of tutorials out
there--some are easy, some very technical. Look up the West Loogootee home
page for a good starting

There are several kinds of web page programs (called editors)-- WYSYWIG
(What You SEE is What You Get) editors are easiest to use in the beginning.
Text editors (like Homesite, Front Page and many more) are the most

HOWEVER, you would be wise, IMHO, to learn enough HTML to understand what is
happening and that means that your NotePad (Windows--which is a simple text
editor --sorry, I forget the one for Mac--having a Teflon moment!) is all
you really need to get started. Then you can graduate to a program like
HomeSite (far better than Front Page in my opinion) or possibly
Claris Works (haven't used it, but friends like it). An editor can be
really helpful as you work with more complicated pages.

Think of HTML as "stage directions" or "punctuation" that tell your very
dumb browser how to display your text --what to do; what to do it to; how
to do it; when to do it; when to start and when to stop. The biggest
problem is that browsers are so dumb they can't figure out what you
actually meant to type--so polish up on your proof-reading skills...

And remember, too, that you don't have to have an internet connection to
make useful web pages--just copy the file to any computer that has a browser
to open the file with.

The best way to learn is to just jump in and try it!
Copy the stuff below to a file in your word processor. Add your own
information--just don't change any of the "tags " (between the angle
brackets). Save it as a .htm or .html
file, then open it in your browser....


My First Try

My First Try

Now type something here--anything!

And another paragraph here.

Let's add a link--- Lily's Attic

Save this as an .htm file and then open that file in your web browser--
and you have your very first web page.

And you've used the most elementary HTML tags with no problem at all.

Have fun! _____________

Hope this helps you get started--and don't be afraid to ask questions...

Lily Kerns CWKerns
Art Teachers--