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art students's learning in higher education

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Carolynn Ann Byars (
Wed, 1 Apr 1998 19:12:02 -0600 (CST)

Hello Art Professionals!
My name is Carolynn Byars and I am a graduate student in art
education at the University of Mississippi. I have set aside my previous
job of teaching art to high school students to obtain a MA. My thesis
involves "how students' learn best" and "where does this learning occur."
The students I am referring to here are at four-year college and
university art departments, and they are in all areas of art.
I have surveyed art students--both graduates and
undergraduates--at the University of Mississippi. However, I am curious to
know the opinions of educators who are teaching in any area of art (or
have taught art) in higher education.If you are an educator who meets this
requirement, your opinion means a lot! Please, complete the short
questionnaire below. Results will be compiled and posted in the fall.

Definitions to Consider
SKILLS-technical experience, a developed ability.
THEORY- concepts, abstract principles of art, a belief.
EDUCATIONAL ENVIRONMENT-the art students' surroundings that extend beyond
the classroom.


1.Rank in order of importance, what you believe has been the most
beneficial type of teaching for art students.

(A) CONTENT Rank on a scale of 1 to 4-- 1 being the most
important and 4 being the least important: ___skills, ___theory,
___history, ___ other(may state what other is to you)
An explanation would be appreciated________________________________________

(B) METHODS Rank on a scale of 1 to 9-- 1 being the most important
and 9 being the least important: ___hands on, ___lectures, ___conferences,
___internships, ___museum experiences, ___gallery expereinces, ___visiting
artists, ___community of fellow art students, ___other(may state what
other is to you)
An explanation would be appreciated_______________________________________

2. Where has the most beneficial type of teaching occurred?
Rank in order of importance-- 1 being the most important:
___in the classroom, ___outside the classroom

3 .Please specify what field of art you teach______________________________

4. Suggestions (or things not covered on questionnaire). _________________





Thank-you very much for your time and cooperation.
Carolynn Byars
Graduate Student of Art
University of Mississippi
E-mail address: cabyars