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Re: porno posts through this art ed list

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susan reynolds (reynolds)
Wed, 01 Apr 1998 06:35:53 -0800

;D Please, if I didn't make light of this ankle and leg break, it would
be a burden too heavey to bear ;D

Another suggestion from a "Nancy Drew" of the net. Spam (or porn) can
also be forwarded to abuse, or abuse @ any server. But I find
you get better results if you find the head of the organization and go
directly to them. America OnLine is supposed to be "working" diligently
to clear themselves of the pornography problem, but not fast enough for
most. I signed my 80 year old mum up to keep in touch with her from
long distance, and when she first logs on every day? She get no less
than a dozen messages for pornographic sites. Every Day. It's a big
internet out there, so those of you who do have access for your
students, please be sure to give them all the words of wisdom you can
about giving any personal information at all without your knowledge.

We (in my group that works for Kid's Internet Safety) had one of our own
members, not too long ago, had a little 9 year old girl corresponding
with her give her real name, phone number, address, and school address
with no hesitation. She merely wanted a pen pal, and when her parent's
were contacted (we did not know where she was logging on from) for her
own safety? Told the contactee that they did not own a computer and it
couldn't be their daughter.

She was logging on from her classroom. Luckily it was one of our
members she told that too, and the teacher was contacted and he then
told the students the perils and priviledges of being online with the
whole world and the responsibility every student has to "self protect"
by not giving out personal information at all. It does not take the
ones who would do harm long to find out who and where they are talking
to. And some casual questions can reveal much.

Keep the wee ones as safe on the net as they are in your classrooms.

Susan Reynolds

and e-mail does work. Any letter you send to either abuse or
stevecase or abuse, etc. will be answered and dealt

They too are under the microscope right now.



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