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Re: ByDesign

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mwfoley (mwfoley)
Wed, 30 Apr 97 15:47:21 -0000

Phuque my spelling....

set your alarm clock and wake up!

I apologize if my spelling caused you to miss my point. Who creates the
stigma of inferiority you mention? Does "they" mean everyone from the
Philipines? Yes, some of the guards here are Black or Mexican as
well... but the point is more that a job like that would be summer work
for a white kid, not a way to support a family. The high paying work is
color coded. The only people in America who think race is not an issue
are white and rich. Head into the administrative offices of that same
museum and examine the racial hierarchy. Who's the boss?

It's about money and power. Just ride a bus in LA and you see the
institutionalized racism and misogyny you seek to protect. White people
still think and act like the conquerors. It is intitutionalized. It is
by design, not by accident. Affirmative action is a nickel in the
collection plate and the debt is high. The wealth of this country is
built on illegally obtained land and the backs of black men and women
who, for centuries never received even one nickel for their work and all
in the last few centuries. And now after 20 years of affirmative action,
white men are upset because they have to stand in line and wait their
turn......... dear, dear, dear, Youall miss yo mammy when she ain't here
to clean up after yo. well mammy's gone high tech and has every right
and ability to RUN that museum. Read some history for crying out
loud....... It's very popular now for Limbites and other of the
conservative ilk to say that the playing field is level but even they
know that's a lie.

Minorities in this country have bent over backward and forward to fit
into the system, especially those from Asia. It's time for white folks
to get off they're high horse and do the work of changing and joining in
the border culture. By the way amigo, how's your spanish? Los
Angeles.... doesn't sound like english to me.

Check out Gulliermo Gomez Pena or Zora May Hurston or even Malcolm X. Or
try Linda Nochlin's piece "Why are there been no great women artists" for
the constructs of bigotry in Art. If you'd like to know some non-white
artists who could run any Major US Art Museum I would start with Carlos
Villa and Bettye Saar and could continue the list on into the night.
They are all smarter than I and say it better than I ever could.