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DBAE at Elementary

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Cynthia Mangers (
Sun, 27 Apr 1997 15:10:00 -0500 (CDT)

I have been able to use a DBAE approach to teaching art as an
elementary generalist BUT agree that it is very difficult in a 40 minute
period of time to cover all four disciplines. I find it is accessible to
cover them within a unit of study which might take from 2 forty minute
periods up to 4 forty minute periods. I know it is well worth the time
and effort. Because I am a generalist and not a specialist (we do not
have art specialists in my school district) I may be over simplifying and
after the conversation on coloring books hope that I'm not blasted BUT
what I do is keep a list of questions and ideas within each discipline
that is laminated. As I work with my students throughout the year I check
mark with an overhead pen the discipline areas, questions, ideas and add
on the side new ideas. The method to my madness is to be sure throughout
the year students are exposed to all disciplines within a given year. I
also have added a component of integrating music, dance, and theatre. To
be quite honest I use units over that worked quite well and often find an
area missing the second time teaching it that is very obvious to me.
The other thing that I can do as a generalist is use other subject area
"times" to complete a unit of study. For instance, when students write or
compare works of art with a Venn diagram I use language arts "time" and
when we graph results of favorite works by an artist we use math "time".
When we role play "art critic" with either our own work or the work of
another artist I use language arts "time". I feel I can use these "times"
because students are engaged in "real life situations" for the subject.
I find the Getty tapes very helpful and would recommend their purchase. I
often use the ArtsEdNet site and/or the Multi-Cultural Prints to get
started on a unit of study. They really help me with "covering" all the
disciplines because of their examples. Using images on the internet makes
lessons more affordable for me as I have NO art budget.

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