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Re: airbrush info wanted

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henry (taylorh)
Sat, 26 Apr 1997 11:41:23 -0700 (MST)


1st, your reply address doesn't work. ARE you at ""?

Next I'm sorry to hear about your experience. Just to check things out I
just ran into the kitchen and cobbled a crude "brush" together using a
soda straw, cut in two pieces, and a coffee cup.

I got a nice mist in a series of brief puffs without too much trouble.
simply a matter of getting the two pieces of soda straw into a working
configuration. The units you bought may not have been engineered or tuned
too well. Remember that the old rubber bulb perfume atomiser from the
turn of the century worked consistently and used the same principles.
That rubber bulb was pretty weak compared to any set of healthy human lungs.
The engineering of the atomiser was pretty good though and might be worth
a little bit more that $1.50 for the convenience today.

As I said, CRUDE results can be obtained with straws (or chicken bones)
and coffee cup (or sea shell) in under two minutes. Maybe you'd like to
give it another try? The trick lies in finding just the right place for
everything, not in being a weight lifter who can blow up a rubber hot water


On Fri, 25 Apr 1997, sidnie miller wrote:

> There was a great Native American guy at a craft fair who used
> a mouth aspirator and was making and selling fantastic t-shirts by the
> score. He had a series of tag board cutouts that he sprayed over and
> around etc.(feathers, clouds, mountains etc.). I was so excited that
> I didn't need an airbrush and full complement of expensive equip. I
> rushed right out and bought 20 aspirators--I think from Sax for about
> $1.50 each. What a deal I chuckled!! Then I tried to work the darned
> things. Nothing.....I finally went in to the band teacher and with
> much experience at blowing horns he was able to blow with enough
> force to make the thing spray. I think that only those people who
> can easily blow up tight baloons without fainting should consider using
> the mouth aspirator. Us weaklings would be better off with flicking
> a toothbrush!! Sid