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Re: murals

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sidnie miller (sidmill)
Sat, 26 Apr 97 00:17:57 PDT

You can use an overhead projector to put your image on the wall. Of
course you have to do it at night if you can't control the lights. You
could also do a medevil cartoon and pounce bag--draw the mural
on paper and poke holes around the lines--hold up to the wall and
dust with a bag full of charcoal dust. The overhead --actually I
guess I mean an opaque projector--definitely sounds better.

I have been discussing doing a mural time line all around the upper
wall of the hallways of our school. I thought it would be a great
project to involve all areas--The math dept. could measure (there's
that nasty word) the hallways and determine how many feet would
equal how many years. I thought we would really start at about
2000 bc. Before that would be broken lines and general time
epochs. I see this as being a long line with dates and a lot of
words coming up (maybe slanted )from the date line, and
occasionally paintings of say, cave paintings, greek times,
rennaisance etc. The words would be the most important part
but of course the paintings would be what would make it look
great. The problems I'm having is trying to figure how to write
all the words so that it wouldn't look really sloppy. When we get
to the 1850 and on there would be considerable verbage. Having
kids write the words would be really a mess--having me write wouldn't
be much better. I think printing out words on a computer would be
best but then what would I do--laminate them and mount them??
How could I do that so that the little darlings couldn't pick them off
during visits to the hallways for emergency social occasions--aka
bathroom pass. Would the shiny laminations look tacky?? Is there
a type of stencil that would work that wouldn't be a monster of a job?
What about calligraphy--I think it would be too fussy looking with
lots of words. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Btw, after you finish a mural you need to protect it with a super
sealant--there's something like zenolite or some z word--if anyone
knows, please remind us all. It protects really well and graffitti can
be removed from it if done within 24 hours. Nowadays there is often
a contract between the artist and mural owner that artist must keep
the mural in good repair and repair damage by taggers etc. for a
certain time period after completion. Sid