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Lightbulb theory is true

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Blood-Pattersons (bloodpat)
Fri, 25 Apr 1997 12:39:16 -0400

Rosa Juliusdottir wrote:
> I do not like colouring books AT ALL and usually advise against the use of
> them especially for young children. I do think the message we give children
> when letting them use colouring books or photocopied images to colour is
> that this stuff is better than their own drawings. But my writing this is
> not to make it a discussion but to ask if people on the list think it is
> allright to call other people idiots? In my country it is considered
> extremely rude and one of the things we teachers do is to be a role model
> for younger people. I think calling someone an idiot is not something I
> would tolerate from my students so I would certainly never call another
> person that. Regards from the far north, Rosa

HEAR HEAR, Rosa! I was appalled that someone would be so insulting on
this site, as well. I personally felt insulted and I'm sure many others
did as well. So far I've been grateful for all the educational and
stimulating interchanges that occur here. When someone's opinion is
different than yours why get into name calling? It is insulting and not
appropriate at all. Frankly, I'm dealing with this issue with my three
year old right now and have had enough of it already...I don't need it
here and certainly not from another adult. Anyway, I guess I'm now
officially part of the lightbulb percentages (re:how many artsednetters
does it take to screw in a lightbulb?). Sorry folks--I promise not to
waste any more time on this-- but I just couldn't keep from commenting.