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Re: idiots and coloring books

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Smith, Pat (
Fri, 25 Apr 1997 11:02:20 +0000

I'm an editor. I've been called a lot worse than idiot. I'm also an
artist. A part - time artist, a ^&%$*$* ! artist, a good artist, a lousy
artist. So would that be a big, little, lousy, great, green, smelly

I suppose I did my share of coloring inside the lines. I pasted a
coloring book page to a piece of butcher paper once and enlarged it to
include some other stuff too. Art? It was to me.

Let's take a larger look at the definition of an artist, and perhaps
consider that it may be one of those labels that has so much to do with
context, that it defies a place in a pigeonhole. An analogy is the
twenty or so Innuit terms for snow. Who is an artist? Who isn't? Is it a
matter of degree? Where or what is the single defining factor?

I think life, liberty, community, creativity, all these abstract
concepts manifest themselves as a continuum rather than an absolute. I
strive to remain centered.

My point is that there is a bit of the artist in all of us, even those
who "can't draw a straight line," as well as a bit of the idiot.

Trying to keep it between the lines,
Rick in Reno

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