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Re: History of Ceramics

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Aileen Maconi (aileen.maconi)
Thu, 24 Apr 1997 20:12:20 -0400

Marsh Hudson-Knapp wrote:
> I'm working on a combination time line and slides or photos to illustrate
> main events - works - developments in the history of ceramics. I have
> found a wonderful History of American Ceramics with lots of great color
> prints in it. Regarding the broader world I have examined several books
> and each is very limited. Any suggestions???
> I purchased The Big Book of Ceramics by Chavarria. His very short history
> begins with a disclaimer that he really isn't offering any attempt at a
> real history of ceramics.A limited range of color plates.
> Also enjoyed Glenn Nelson's two chapters in Ceramics: A Potter's Guide, 5th
> ed. Interesting text but the color photos/plates are very limited in terms
> of historic objects. He suggests that ceramics began perhaps in Neolithic
> cultures
> In contrast, I read a section on ceramics in Marilyn Stokstad's Art
> History. She asserts that ceramic kilns have been found from as early as
> 32,000 BCE. Anyone suggest a place to verufy this, or even better books
> with color photos/prints of this and other developments through the journey
> of ceramics over time?
> Thanks for your help!
> Marsh
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I can't be much help but would be very interested in what you unearth. I
am a student teacher with a background in photography and other high
tech media. For my practicum I specially choose to teach ceramics to an
art 1 (freshman and sophmores) class so I could learn as I do. I
developed a lesson on mythical animal vessels. I researched briefly the
history of ceramics form several sources:

African Art of the Dogon by Jean Laude (not limited to ceramics)
Primitive Art by Michael Batterberry and Adriane Ruskin (also not
limited to ceramics).

These firat two books were choosen to gather data on animal vessels,
primitive cultures and myths.

A History of World Pottery by Emmanual Cooper
Japanese Arts and the Tea Ceremony by T. Hayashiya
Chinese Art by R L Hobson
The Birth of Greek Art by Andre Malraux and George Salles

These gave some good historical data.

I want to expand this lesson to really draw on the history / culture /
and mythology.

I hope that this might be of some help to you.