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Positive and Negative Rules

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Mon, 21 Apr 1997 17:58:25 -0400 (EDT)

In a message dated 97-04-21 11:06:31 EDT, Andrew writes:

<< More
specifically I am looking for the "rules" of what determines the
positive/negative space. What is the specific definition of
postive/negative space?>>

Concepts such as these only have meaning in the context of a task. In this
case, understanding that the creation of one space within a composition
creates another space within the composition requires that the artist attend
to that second space, that is, be conscious of it.

<<Can it be subjective?>>

Of course! It is a concept created by human dosn't exist as
anything more than an idea that helps us in the creation of a certain image
or composition.

<<For instance, if you have
a square painting that 1/2 was painted red and 1/2 green, is there
negative space? >>

No. But it could be the beginning of a Christmas ornament.

<< Can a composition have only negative space? Only postive
space? >>

The existence of one depends on the existence of the other. Day and night.
Good and evil. Democrats and Republicans.