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RE: 6th grade behaviors

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DEBBI CRANE (craned)
Sun, 20 Apr 1997 21:33:29 -0500

The joy of the sixth grade! I know it well. this is my second =
year teaching art in a small rural elementary school. Last year, the =
fifth grade was a terrific art class - so interested in talking about =
and making art, while the sixth grade could have been the class you =
described. I told myself it was because I was a new teacher in their =
school and the whole song and dance, in anticiapation of how wonderful =
it would be when these noisysixth graders were off at junior high and =
the beloved fifth grade would be sixth
graders. Rude awakening. My dear lovely motivated fifth graders =
changed over the summer. Guess what they became...
I have consulted with the principal and the classroom teacher, both =
of whom have been in education for many years, and they assure me it's =
just a common phase and not to take it personally.
I have discussed my disappointment openly with the students and they =
offer no explanation for their change, but they do see it, too.
One day, they noise level was so high and they were so determined to =
keep it that way, that we sat witht he lights out and heads on the desks =
for the last 45 min of our one hour class in total silence. I'm usually =
not so tough, but I will say that this got their attention. The =
classroom teacher has a standing arrangement for art discipline trouble. =
If a student cannot behave, I send them upstairs to their classroom =
where they sit in silence and copy a hideously long sentence from th =
From: David Zimmerman[SMTP:fastedy]
Sent: Friday, April 18, 1997 1:50 AM
To: artsednet
Subject: 6th grade behaviors

I've had problems this winter with sixth graders also. I was hired as =
arts resource teacher for 12 weeks to do clay and sculpture with 4th - =
grades. The sixth graders, primarily the boys, were totally =
and disinterested in the art activities. This took me by surprise =
I have worked with this age before. Hence, they disrupted the classroom
and bugged the other students who wanted to work. I sometimes send =
worst offenders outside for a time out, but they don't change the =
when they come back in. I punished some of them by suspending them for =
following week from art. They had to do classroom work while the other
kids did art, but the following week, they were back to their old =
I tried stroking them and giving them suggestions individually, but they
just weren't interested in any of the projects. I asked the classroom
teachers to help me with the problem, but they didn't. Now one of them =
called me up to complain about the grades I gave her students for the

Deb Rosenbaum
fastedy (David Zimmerman)

A pat on the back is only a few centimeters from a kick in the butt.