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Anita Debnath (adebnath)
Sat, 19 Apr 1997 17:40:52 -0500 (EST)

On Fri, 18 Apr 1997 mamjam wrote:

> ArtsEdNet folks,
> Thanks to all you art teachers, the following are some of the things I'm
> planning to do for the art show. As you can see, I've gotten a lot of great
> ideas from your responses to my recent query about Art Fairs!
> Some students and I are designing a program for the KELLOGG BAND CONCERT &
> ART SHOW, and an invitation which will be sent to parents, school board
> members, board of selectmen, building committee members, and newspapers.
> Every student will have at least one piece in the show, and many will have
> two or three pieces included. There will be no judging or prizes, although
> I will put a certificate of recognition next to those pieces which were
> selected to represent Kellogg School at the REGION ONE SELECT MUSIC CONCERT
> AND ART SHOW held in March.
> This week I've been preparing artwork and measuring tack boards. I think
> we'll have enough room on the existing tack boards, with the gym walls
> being used for overflow. (the concert is in the gym) I'll be putting
> narrow tables in the halls for 3D work. Each piece will have a computer
> generated adhesive label attached to their colored paper matting.
> A few students will be doing art demonstrations of monoprinting,
> silverpoint drawing, linoblock printing, charcoal drawing, glueblock
> printing, and maybe even gyotaku if I can get a fish. Since I don't have an
> art room, the demonstrations will be in classrooms and/or the library.
> Viewing the art show and the art demonstrations will begin after the
> concert ends and last about an hour, with refreshments. I really think
> these events are a great opportunity to promote music and art as something
> more than just frills. This year it is especially important because we at
> Kellogg School are asking for a building renovation which a few vocal
> townspeople perceive as being too much money for music and art rooms.

I think that is an awesome idea! Art demos are a wonderful way of getting
art students more involved in art fairs. I really like your idea. I
wish more schools would have their students offer art demos at art fairs.

-Anita Debnath
Indiana University
School of Education

> Please feel free to add any further suggestions you might think of which a
> new art teacher like myself might find useful!

I have some other ideas: I use to help put mats around student's art
work for art fairs in highschool. Getting the students to help with
this is one way of teaching them how to finsish a piece with some sort of
mat/color coordination skills w/art piece. If that is too expensive, you
can float the piece on colored constuction paper. If they are shown "how",
and if they are interested in helping out, they will benefit from this
experience. Or, they could be given extra credit/extra points .....what
ever to get more active participation from the students.

Also, if you have any art organizations within the community or if there
is an art club after school program, it is always a good idea to make
some pamphlets, and have a booth set up so the art students who
volunteer/or art teachers who volunteer some of their time can distribute
these materials and talk about the art programs to who ever is interested...

Thanks again for all your
> help!
> Mark

Anita Debnath