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RE: Art Fairs in different systems

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DEBBI CRANE (craned)
Wed, 16 Apr 1997 21:26:58 -0500

The art fair -=20
I teach in a school system that employs eight art teachers for the =
elementary and middle school levels. Every year on a Thursay night in =
April, we collaborate with the music teachers to do something called =
Spring Festival. We start working on it in September or OCtober and are =
still going crazy with the details the day of the show. A couple of =
years ago things got out of hand with the amount of work teachers were =
hanging, so we as a group decided to limit it to three 2-d pieces per =
class! I wish every child could participate. I do not think we are =
doing ourselves any favors in the p r department by being so =
exclusionary. I usually arrange for smaller show in the schools where I =
teach so that all the kids can participate then.


From: (Mark Alexander)mamjam[SMTP:(Mark Alexander)mamjam]
Sent: Tuesday, April 15, 1997 8:47 PM
To: artsednet
Subject: Re: Art Fairs in different systems

I've been paying close attention to the discussion about art fairs =
I'm a new teacher and on May 9 I'm putting together my first ART SHOW. I
would appreciate further discussion if there are any other ideas or =
that have not already been posted. I'll explain how I plan to do it, and
how my district does a district wide art fair. Hearing how others do it =
very helpful.

We have six K-8 schools (140-450 students each) in six small towns in my
district, with a 9-12 regional high school (500 students) serving all. =
March all the music and art departments put together a region wide =
BAND AND CHORUS CONCERT AND SELECT ART SHOW. This is held on one evening =
the high school. Each art teacher selects two pieces of artwork from =
class (if there are three third grades that would be six third grade
pieces) and mounts them for the show. Each school hangs as an individual
school in the large auditorium with the other schools. We make nice =
certificates for those whose artwork was selected, and send these home. =
concert and the art show are filmed for local access cable, complete =
art teacher interviews showing off art works from their schools. =
is strong, and we try to rotate the honor of participating as much as

Later in the spring, each individual school has their own art show, =
usually in conjunction with a music program. Each teacher handles it
differently, but usually each student is represented in these art shows. =
will not have a competition at Lee H. Kellogg School, but I know at =
two other schools in the district will.

I recently found out that our costodian/vounteer fireman won't allow any
extra display panels in the halls for the art show. I can only use the =
that are already there. He says the artwork would pose a fire hazard,
especially important to avoid when there will be extra people in the =
Usually he's my ally, but he's sometimes a bit anal, and I need him.
Theoretically I only have to hang 140 artworks, so I might be able to =
them in the space I have. One of the teachers said I should have just =
ahead and hung extra panels without asking. Has anyone had problems like
this with these fire code limits?

The music teacher (veteran) prides herself on a half sheet sized =
but hasn't ever included anything about the art show. I've been told =
in past years many folks leave with out seeing the art. So I've offered =
design the program for the whole show, although I'll probably use more
paper in order to include something about the art show to attract some

I have been mounting artwork on colored paper with staples. Matboard is =
costly. The staples are so the works can be removed from the mounting
papers easily. Do you think I should use white glue?

Any other suggestions? Any other ideas? Thanks as always for your =

Mark Alexander
Lee H. Kellogg School
Falls Village, CT 06031