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Re: More on "Art Fair"

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Becky Alexander (Bekalex)
Mon, 14 Apr 1997 17:25:50 -0700

Agreeing with Linda here, I understand the difficulties inherent in
competitive art shows for elementary students. All told, however, the
benefits seem to outweigh the negative aspects.

1. It is great PR. The community sees what we are doing. The administration
listens to this. (Not ideal, perhaps, by some standards, but reality,

2. It provides a forum for all 13 schools in our district to do something
as a district. (Even a parochial school is invited.) And the teachers get
to see what other teachers are doing in their classes. A spurt of interest
in art is seen every year at the art show time. (March) Without the "glitz"
of the art show we might get no attention at all!

3. Sometimes a child who gets no recognition for their school work at home
is suddenly seen in a new light. (This has happened several times in my

4. There are many awards given for many things at most elementary schools,
from prose and poetry readings, to attendance and behavior commendations.
We have spelling bees, math and history quizzers and essay writing
competitions to say nothing of the Science Fairs. This is in addition to
the sports events. These all have awards associated with them and are
intramural in nature.

Judging a student's artwork should be no more difficult than judging a
science fair project, an essay or a behavior commendation. There is a
certain amount of subjectivity involved in many of these awards.

5. How much emphasis is given to the "art show" is up to the teacher. It
certainly shouldn't be the end-all of positive input for the student.
Teachers are giving positive input all year to their students!

Just some thoughts.

Becky Alexander
Porterville, Ca.

>Dear Mel,
> I teach K=6 in a single graded and also in a double graded school. I
>made a committment to hang every piece of art work created in my room. I
>feel if the students take the time to create it, then someone should be able
>to enjoy it. Yes, it does take a lot of time and tape, but it is well worth
>it. Our district holds a districd art show at the high school in March in
>conjunction with the music preformances. Every teacher, there are 8 of us,
>displays numerous pieces of student work, K=6. We always get rave reviews
>from the parents and the general public. It's good for P.R. and shows that
>your art program in a necessary part of the curriculum. I personally am not
>in favor of awards for elementary art work, but by jr. high and high school
>students are ready for that kind of competition. Linda E. Sherrill N>Y>