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developmental appropriateness

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Sun, 13 Apr 1997 05:54:48 -0700 (PDT)

I teach fourth and fifth grade art as well as kindergarten.
You stories curriculum is very exciting. To see everything
right at my finger tips from questioning to reproductions is
You raised the question of developmental appropriateness. I was
thinking about my kinder age students. I am used to modifying
concepts that's not my question. Last week I looked over some
kindergarten work and was somewhat surprised that many students
had not grown much in skill building. Kindergarten instructors
told me that they grow when they are ready and that I
shouldn't expect to see results at this age. Well I do expect to see results
and I do with the fourth grade and the fifth grade.
Don't we asume that skill building transfers from one lesson
to the next. Should I be using the term skill building? Should
I be saying concept development or understanding along with skill
building. (I hope that we are not moving toward too much
conceptualization because a value of arts education is
the opportunity to manipulate materials and gain more contorl
over our hands and ideas.) What evidence do we have that
gives us confidence that these thoughtful lessons do what
we want them to do. Do skills and understanding simmer and bubble up
as opportunities and the learner is ready in a hit and miss situation?
I think that it was determined back in the fifties and sixties
that the experience was worth more than the facts and rules
and that is why art went the way of process oriented lessons.
I like where we are now because I am learning so much myself but
I do wonder what my effectiveness as a teacher is sometimes.
QUESTION-Do learners absorb ideas when they are ready? Do they
absorb partially the lessons, What percentage of learners have
meaningful outcomes?
PS: Dr. Erickson I heard you at Eau Claire this weekend. Thank y
you for your work and for sharing with the world.

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