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Re: Questions for ARTISTS about critiques

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Ben Schasfoort (Ben.Schasfoort)
Fri, 11 Apr 1997 22:52:31 +0200

At 14:26 11-04-97 -0500, you wrote:
>Questions for ARTISTS about critiques.
>May I please impose on you again? I'm seeking more of your ideas about
>studio critiques. You may respond directly to me if you wish, or post
>responses to the listserv which in turn will generate more responses. I
>will compile and post the responses (anonymously) that I receive. Thank

You seem seriously interested in this item Terry. I can answer you, since
you helped me (unconsciously) with your book "Principles about Interpreting Art"

>As an artist (not as an art instructor), do you ever seek critiques of the
>art that you make?
Yes, I do.

>If so, why? From whom? When?
Art for me has so many functions. One of them is that it is there, people
cannot avoid it. Whatever people see brings them to think about it. These
thoughts could be very plain but also very complex. Always personal. They
will therefore have a meaning about things I made and I am always curious
about that meaning because my art is not really "easy".

I ask my wife right after I finished the work, friends who visit us and the
lady who cleans our house (if she does not say anything the first time, I
know she does not likjke it). Gallery people, when they visit my studio, I
do not have to ask. They say what they think and so do critics when (if) I
have an exhibition.

>What do you want to know from a critique of your work?
I want to know how far they can go inside the work and find my ideas. If
they do not come near mine, that is no problem if the work brings them to
other ideas. I hope that they will express these. I do not believe that
there is something in my work that others should find out. I believe that
each different person will have his/her own thoughts whwn confronted with my
work. I accept that and like it. Sometimes people share with mine, that is
nice, but not essential.

>What is helpful to you?
If critics really have a meaning and have something to say that they not
found in the catalog or other paper that goes with the exhibition.

>What is not helpful to you?
When I hear bla bla bla. Things that could be said about every kind of work
or about a complete different exhibition. These things happen.

9 May there is the opening of my next exhibition in Eck en Wiel, near
Amerongen (open air, sculpture). Since I know that you will be in the
Netherlands to speak the next day, you are invited.
Ben Schasfoort
e-mail: ben.schasfoort
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