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Ellyn Wenk (ellyn)
Wed, 09 Apr 1997 21:40:56 +0000

I take my fifth graders to the mall to look at Art in the real world.
They are in color groups and must dress all in the color of their
group. At the mall they look like a giant rainbow.
At the mall things like store fronts, sale signs, fliers are all over
the place. We go into the stores and look at products. We go on a
mall scavenger hunt for items that have the elements of art in them
that we can get for free: bags, straws, sale signs etc. They model
clothes borrowed from the stores and they draw each other in outfits
that are in color schemes such as: cool, warm, primary, secondary;
etc. We talk about the necessity of being able to choose clothing
and items that have good taste in the opinion of our society.

We also design logos for products back in the class room. I let them
decide what the product is however. I emphasize color during this
unit and when they design the package for their products they use
various color schemes. They then write up a commercial and I video
tape them.

I love this unit. We also watch, The Sixty Second Seduction, a video
about advertising that I get for free from the library. It has some
reference to sex so you will want to edit it. However it is simply
using the real commercials that they see every day and it is
explaining what the advertisers are doing. It may not be a bad idea to
explain how advertisements on T.V. do use sex to get our attention and
they should beware of this. You can avoid this whole issue
altogether if you choose.
Ellyn Wenk