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How do you start "graphic arts" from scratch?

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Tue, 30 Apr 1996 23:15:44 -0400

Hello Everybody,

I work for a couple of Catholic schools. The high school wants to begin doing
the year book in-house next year and the principal has decided to have a
class titled "Graphic Arts", in which the bulk of the work of producing the
year book will take place.

I need to know, as the next year's "Graphic Arts" teacher-person (who studied
fine arts, the old-fashioned version of fine arts...painting, drawing,
sculpture, art history, printmaking - and on only old, old
equipment) do I do it? Now, to be honest I'm not completely in the
dark...but I've been asked to come up with a list of basic operating
equipment, that we'll need to begin this class. So, those of you who feel you
know what the essentials for this course would be, including books for me to
read, and programs for the computer, and whatever else...

Please respond!

Thanks. I appreciate the daily postings of information and insight from you.
I have one small funny thing to tell you that happened this year. A little
boy, a really little, little boy asked me if I would come to his birthday
party would I bring him art supplies...that he's been thinking of inviting me
if I would. I said yes, I would. The blatant self-interest was charming. I
hope he invites me.

Kathy Maloney Johnson